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About Us

Kalgoorlie School of the Air is a distance education school, one of five Schools of the Air in Western Australia. We offer a wide range of educational services and activities to students, from Kindergarten to Year 6, who are not near enough to a school or a bus route to access education. The school operates for 40 weeks of the year and follows the same school calendar as other government schools in West Australia, sharing the same term and holiday schedule.

Many of our students live on cattle stations but they also come from indigenous communities, farms, national parks, mining camps, roadhouses, remote police stations and tourist ventures. Some students stay with the school from the start of their primary education all the way through until the end of Year 6 when they either continue in distance education via SIDE in Perth, or move into a regional centre or city to attend boarding school.

The term “School of the Air” refers to the old style delivery of lessons via HF Radio. Today the school delivers lessons via satellite, internet and telecommunication technologies. Paper based materials are provided to students to complement their interactive learning.

We support a collaborative approach to student achievement and our focus is on providing an inclusive education to improve academic and social outcomes for all students. A Support Teacher- Learning works closely with teachers, tutors and parents of students with learning difficulties and gifted and talented students.

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