Welcome to Kalgoorlie School of the Air

Kalgoorlie School of the Air provides distance education to primary school students who are geographically isolated or cannot attend mainstream schools for a variety of reasons. Our team of dedicated teachers, together with the Support Teacher of Learning, develop and implement a well balanced education programme with specifically tailored programmes to ensure that all students are provided with a wide range of opportunities aimed at the optimum development of each individual student. Our teachers further support  home tutors and students  via e-mail, phone, web conferencing and on home visits. 

We aim to provide a creative and innovative learning environment for our students, which is intellectually, emotionally and physically supportive of learning. Daily online lessons and various camps through out the year provide students with opportunities to interact with their peers and for face to face sessions with their teachers. We have a very active P & C body and a cohesive school community.

This website provides information about the school for current and prospective members of our school community, information on procedures and policies, as well as news about the school. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require.

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