Curriculum Overview

We aim to create a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum consisting of a blend of online lessons and written programmes. Teachers work collaboratively to plan, write and implement innovative programs, based on the Western Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework. 

The purpose of the online lessons and the intended learning outcomes in written programmes are clearly communicated so that children and home tutors know what they will be learning, what the teacher will be looking for (outcomes) and how the learning will take place. Teachers support and work collaboratively with the home tutors to ensure that each child’s individual learning needs are met.

Our early years programs focus on explicit teaching of Literacy and Numeracy and draw from the children’s interests and lives. Children actively investigate a range of skills and experiences for life, either through planned play or projects. These programs reflect current best practice in early childhood education.

The middle and upper school programs develop skills for life-long learning. Online lessons and project-based programs enhance creative and critical thinking, problem solving and develop self-concept and intrinsic motivation.

Our Year 3 to Year 6 students complete lessons in AUSLAN for LOTE, and the school focuses on Visual Arts and Drama as part of the Arts Curriculum. We promote a strong emphasis on wellbeing and follow the Department of Education’s Protective Behaviours programme across all year levels.In addition to the online lessons and written programmes, there are a plethora of in-school visits, home visits by teachers, camps, online special theme days and assemblies which showcase the students work.