The school provides one laptop per family or two laptops for a family with twins or who have three or more enrolled children. The laptops are loaded with Microsoft Office and other software and are for school use when completing programmed activities and during online lessons, assemblies and Morning Muster. These are accessed via the WebEx platform.   

Internet and student emails are provided by the Department of Education. The internet is though Clear Networks and is satellite-based. Families are supplied with an installed satellite dish and modem dedicated to this purpose. 

We use Connect to provide extra support materials for home tutors and Seesaw as a digital portfolio for student learning, teacher assessment and to maintain a strong home-school connection. 

With the introduction of the National Technologies curriculum, students are now developing knowledge about how digital systems work and a deeper understanding of data to enable them to successfully navigate an increasingly digitised and automated world. Students are exposed to various resources sent out with their programmes during in school visits, or when teachers are on home visits.